Five Aces Bar-B-Ωue

"Authentic Open Flame Barbecue"

Five Aces Bar-B-Ωue


Five Aces is known for their delicious array of meats and side dishes that are seasoned to perfection. Five Aces is a family owned and operated business that takes pride in their delicious NO SALT seasoning technique. Every dish is served with the feel of "homestylelove".  

We are not sitting on our gas over here at Five Aces. Your fresh cuts of meat will be cooked over an open flame with 100% Hickory wood.

We believe in family. When you eat with Five Aces, you're not just eating out; you're dining with family.






4000 Shaw Blvd

St. Louis Mo. 63110


Temporarily closed for daily operations. We are still accepting catering orders.